"I sing sometimes for the war that I fight 'cause every tool is a weapon - if you hold it right"

- Ani DiFranco



Upcoming concerts:


19.09.2018 - Athens 

City Plaza Refugee Accomodation and Solidarity Space


16.09.2018 - Athens 

Autonomous Youth Center in Σαλαμίνος


15.09.2018 - Athens 

Syntagma Square Big Stage @ Demonstration


14.09.2018 - Athens

ΔΙΑΚΕΝΟ (Σαλαμίνος)


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The composer is dead! We are a mob, a community of resisting pirate musicians trying to make the world a better place. Our music is not about beauty, it's about social and economic justice. We're not trying to produce political commentary - we're here to laugh, love, fuck and drink liquor and help the damn revolution come quicker!

Songs about Maroons, Nomads, Migration, Specters, Pirates, Struggles, Resistance, Love and Life. For the selforganization of the Multitude. Influenced by Frantz Fanon, Billie Holiday, Steve Coleman, May Ayim, Boots Riley, Malik Mezzadri, Ursula K. Le Guin, Archie Shepp, Antonio Negri, Cedric Robinson, Malcolm Braff and many more!

Black American music (BAM), Pop, Free, Rock, Funk, Afrological Improvisation and Politics!